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Artisan Sakemaker at Granville Island

Handcrafted in our artisan studio located at Railspur Alley on Granville Island, Osake is the first “fresh premium”Junmai Sake [Namazake] of its kind produced in Canada. Fermented from top-quality Japanese sakamai, then hand-pressed and hand-bottled, Osake is left unfiltered to optimize its fresh, delicate, fruit-like aromas and flavours. Unlike premium sakes imported from Japan, which are typically produced once a year in winter, Osake is made in small batches several times a year in cycles roughly corresponding to the changing of the seasons. This departure from tradition allows us to explore and produce versatile wines that complement the varied in-season bounty of our local west coast cuisine-from fish and shellfish in spring and summer to heat-warming braises and stews in fall and winter.

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Artisan SakeMaker offers tasting programs for locals and international visitors at its tasting counters between 11:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. The fees are $2 for a single tasting and $5 for a tasting of three styles of sake.

1339 Railspur Alley, Vancouver BC, V6H 4G9