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Cherry Point Estate Wines

On the south east side of Vancouver Island is a pastoral setting of rolling green fertile hills surrounded by rugged mountains and majestic softwood rainforests. The Cowichan’s long, Mediterranean like growing season and mild maritime winters make it the most important agricultural area on Vancouver Island, producing a wide range of cultivated crops including hay, fruits, vegetables and more recently… wine grapes. This is British Columbia’s newest wine-growing region.

The vineyard at Cherry Point was established in 1990 when the founders purchased 34 acres on a former mink ranch a few miles south of Cowichan Bay. Since wine-growing was still new on Vancouver Island they planted the vineyard with several grape varieties, for nobody really knew which grapes suited the island’s soil and climate. After the grape trials, Cherry Point Estate Wines became one of the first licensed wineries on Vancouver Island in 1994.
The award-winning wines are made simply, using state of the art equipment, allowing the grapes to make the wines, without interfering with nature as much as possible – honouring the spiritual connection between the earth, rain and sun that nourish the vineyard. The whites are crisp, and clean, brimming with varietal fruit.

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Tasting room hours: March through October, from 9:00am – 5:00pm.

840 Cherry Point Road, Cobble Hill BC, V0R 1L3