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Divino Estate Winery

Much of the 40-acre property at Busnardo Vineyard is planted to vinifera varietals that have been traditional to Divino Estate Winery for more than 40 years. The Cobble Hill vineyard site was established in 1996, but was built from years of experience in the Okanagan Valley. Divino was first established in the early 1980's in Oliver, B.C., built on vineyards that had been planted with vinifera since the late 1960's.

Chardonnay, Trebbiano, Castel, Pinot Noir and Pinot Grigio form the core of the mix of varietals on the Busnardo Vineyard. Other niche varieties fill the wide range of plantings and offer wonderful blending accents or at times may be bottled as single varietal wines when the conditions result in exceptional harvests.

The long growing season of the Cowichan Valley region allows for great opportunities for grapes to mature to completion with soft and full overtones. Each harvest is analyzed for the qualities and characteristics that may find a single variety or a blend as the best use for each variety. Late harvest wines, sparkling wines and other unique offerings have been produced over the past years. Each year awaits the completion of harvest before the decisions are made as to how to extract the most unique attributes of that years harvest.

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WineShop Hours: Our tasting room is open from 1pm to 5pm on Fridays and Saturdays throughout the year. Other times can be arranged by appointment subject to availability.

1500 Freeman Rd, Cobble Hill BC, V0R 1L3