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Gold Hill Winery

Gold Hill Winery is nestled in the desert of Osoyoos, in the Okanagan Valley. The winery has just opened its doors in the spring of 2011 but the makings have been in existence for over 6 years. The owners, Sant and Gurbachan Gill, come from a lifestyle of farming and agriculture that has been passed down to them from generation to generation. The brothers have grown up farming throughout their lives, and formed a passion for farming.

From the past to the present, these two brothers have established over 100 acres of agricultural land, which consists of 65 acres of vineyards, newly developed within the last five to six years and 15 acres of soft fruit. With this good fortune, they have now come to open a winery in Canada’s heartland of winemaking, making wine since 2009.

Gold Hill consists of a variety of red and white wines. All these wines carry a unique taste and texture, grown in the 100% British Columbia soil. Gold Hill Winery is a family run business beginning to make headway in the wine industry. With this development of further knowledge in viticulture, it has invigorated the next generation of the Gill family to learn and contribute to the family tradition in the years to come.

The winery is situated along the "original Golden Mile" which is only one mile that starts from the orchard before the Golden Mile Fruit Stand coming from Osoyoos and ends when the double lanes end on the new highway. History states in 1966, frost damage during blossom season in the Okanagan Valley damaged fruit trees and thus, the trees were not able to produce fruit. During 1966, from Osoyoos to Vernon there was no commercial fruit produced except along the Golden Mile. That year was the only year you could walk into the orchards along the Golden Mile, pick a fruit and eat it. The loose gravel, clay, sandy and rocky soil are the key ingredients to our vineyards. With nice slopes that protect the vines from frost damage and sun that shines until 7:30 to 8 p.m. in the evening really shows the quality of fruit that is produced. Sun rises from the east early in the morning before the Black Sage bench. History also states that in the Okanagan every 10 or so years we get a cold season in the valley, as we did in 2008 where our 9 acre vineyard near Hanes Point lost every vine due to the cold season with frost damage and was replanted in 2009. With the history in 1966, the soil, sun exposure, and slopes, this one mile stretch was given the name "Golden Mile" and therefore, we named our winery Gold Hill Winery.

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Wine Shop Hours of Operation-Mon - Sun: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

29014 Hwy 97, Osoyoos BC, V0H 1V0