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Gray Monk Estate Winery

Generations of Commitiment: 2007 was a year of celebration at Gray Monk Estate; it marked the 35th Anniversary of their vineyard and 25th Anniversary of the Winery ( another unpublished celebration was that it was also the 45th year of George & Trudy's wedding). In the ensuing years, son George went off to winery school in Germany, while younger son, Steven, joined administration, and the winery was expanded three times. Eldest brother, Robert, returned to the family business in September 2004 George and Trudy Heiss’ dedication to the art of winemaking has continued to the next generation. Son Steven oversees the warehouse, inventory and logistics; Winemaker George Jr. has his own vineyard house, adjacent to the winery, where he is prepared to do small lot experimentation. Robert has stepped into a management role and oversees the daily operation of the winery. 25, 35 and 45 years! This is a family dynasty now into the 4th generation on the land (Trudy's late father, Hugo Peter, preceded them from Edmonton - to “grow some grapes” and then retire, just a stones throw away), and the great grandchildren are soon ready to drive the tractor! From racing cars to now racy wines, Camp Road has carved its mark. Most would say the climb was a lot easier for the driver - less than a 4 minute run. For the family Heiss, every milestone of the B.C. wine industry has been a series of emotional battles etched into their family tree. This has been their life. They are very proud of the quality of their wines and their customers’ appreciation of these wines. They hope you will take the opportunity to share a glass of wine and a toast with them sometime this year.

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Wine Shop- Winter Hours: Open from 10:00am until 5:00pm Monday to Saturday. Closed Sundays.

1055 Camp Road, Okanagan Centre BC, V4V 2H4

1-800-663-4205 250-7