Discover BC Wineries - one bottle at a time!

The Wineries of The

Gulf Islands

Planes, trains and automobiles:
A boat would be great, although regularly scheduled ferries visit all the islands. A floatplane would also be scenic and there are many charter services from Victoria and Vancouver. However you arrive, once you're actually on the islands, you'll look most like a local if you're on a bike or in a VW microbus.

What to wear:
The climate here is San Francisco lite. In other words, it's generally warm and sunny with an ever-present chance of ocean breezes and/or fog. Winters are particularly mild. Natural fibres (think wool, bamboo, hemp!) will help you make transition from foggy mornings right through warm afternoons and cool evenings.

Best bets for your cellar:
When in Rome! In this case, the mild growing conditions lend themselves brilliantly to clean, crisp white wines. Pinots, Germanic whites, and fruit and berry wines are all worthy contenders for your taste buds. You may even stumble (well, we hope you don't actually stumble) upon mead, the ancient wine made from honey.