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Meadow Vista Honey Wines

Honey Wine, also known as Mead is richly steeped in history. It is reported to be the oldest fermented beverage on the planet, predating beer and wine by over 2000 years.

In the bee-ginning
Honey hunters have been collecting honey from the combs of beehives in the tallest of trees and high up cliff faces since the Paleolithic period. Cave paintings dated 15,000 years old have been discovered in South Africa and India depicting people gathering much sought after combs for honey and their wax. How did they discover honey wine?

The theory goes something like this: some honey, from a tree top hive, drips into the crook of a tree branch, it mixes with rain water, ferments and some guy climbing the tree thinks he should taste it! Atta boy! It tastes good, makes him feel even better. He shares it with his family and friends and word spreads around the world...via global brainlength? Voila, honey wine is a new discovery!

Mentioned in more recent times in the Quran, Bible, Egyptian Book of the Dead, and the famous poem Beowulf (where the hero Beowulf builds a mead hall). Honey wine was THE beverage. Everyone drank it, although, there were special secret recipes for royalty and the upper class, it was an important staple in daily life and celebrations.

Over time sugar became more popular than honey, paraffin wax over beeswax, and grape wine surpassed honey wine. Generally kept alive by home mead makers and historical enthusiasts, honey wine is making a resurgence. Deemed a micro-micro niche in MacLeans Magazine in 2008, Meadow Vista Honey Wines is thrilled to be the Okanagan's premier organic honey winery and Canada's first sparkling organic honey wine producer (proudly made a la methode traditionelle, where the secondary fermentation takes place in the bottle).

As the saying goes "what is old is new again". Meadow VIsta endeavors to improve the technical aspects of honey wine making while presenting it in a progressive package.

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