Discover BC Wineries - one bottle at a time!

The Wineries of The

North Okanagan

Planes, trains and automobiles:
Kelowna is the Valley's major airport and welcomes direct flights from many cities including Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, and sometimes, yes, Honolulu! Once you get here, there are dozens of ways to explore our spectacular valley. If you're short on time (or long on tasting), consider a chauffeur-driven wine tour. If you prefer to go at your own pace, there's no shortage of maps, guidebooks, and transportation options (cars, bikes, scooters).

What to wear:
If you're flying, consider the merits of paying for an extra suitcase (or three) because you'll need lots of costume changes. This area is all about lifestyle: Golfing, skiing, boating, shopping (sometimes all in the same day). You'll be one of the locals when you can do them all with a wineglass in your hand!

Best bets for your cellar:
The growing season here features warm (okay, hot) days and cool evenings. Perfect conditions for visitors and grapes alike. Your travels will introduce you to gorgeous aromatic whites, friendly pinots (blanc, gris, and noir!), and tempting chardonnays. Don't pre-judge! Even if you're a die-hard ABC drinker (anything but chardonnay), you'll want to check your assumptions at the door. A number of the area's Chardonnay are definitely second-chance worthy.