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Ovino Winery

Here's an interesting factoid for your next round of Trivial Pursuit: Ovine in Latin for sheep (just like bovine is Latin for cow).

So it makes perfect sense that Ovino Winery is named for its roots as a working dairy and sheep farm! You can still see the sheep (and Shiraz, the resident sheep dog) when you visit this picturesque winery located just two shakes of a lamb's tail from either Vernon or Salmon Arm.

Cooler climes = cooler vines. Hence Ovino's focus on hardy (not to mention tasty!) Pinot Gris, Gewurtztraminer, Pinot Meunier, and Marachel Foch.

Owners (and shepherds) John & Catherine Koopmans are all about sustainability in the vineyards and quality over quantity in the bottle. At this hands-on, family run winery, even the sheep are put to work. In the off season, they nibble away the weeds in the vineyard and, well, fertilize the soil for next year's harvest.

Gogo's insider: If you're passing through on the weekend, try to schedule enough time for the "Ovino Experience." Just $20 gets you an insider's vineyard and winemaking tour, chat with the winemaker, glass of wine and paired tapas, in-store specials, and a free gift!

Motto: Wine is bottle poetry ~ Robert Louis Stevenson

Fave pairing: Gewurtztraminer with Pad Thai! Mmmmmm!

Don't miss: Jessica's specialty wine jellies. So tasty on crackers, baked brie, or BBQ chicken!!

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Tasting room: Yes! Hours: 11-5 everyday from May long weekend to October 15. Shipping? Yes!

1577 Yankee Flats Road, Salmon Arm BC, V1E 3J4