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The Wineries of The

South Okanagan

Planes, trains and automobiles:
To get to this little slice of paradise, book your flight to Kelowna. From there, it's only an hour and a half drive south to the gateway of Canada's Golden Mile. And what a drive it is. Anchored by the Sonoran Desert at the south end (Canada's only desert, for the record), the valley is chock-a-block with vines, mountains, water, and wine. The best transportation for your fantastic voyage: A convertible.

What to wear:
Did we mention this area is part of the Sonoran Desert? The town of Oliver once hit a sultry 43.9 degrees (that's 111 for our American friends). Not surprisingly, it's also the sunshine capital of Canada. So, pack your sunscreen, your sunglasses, and a selection of whimsical summer hats. And gentlemen, please: No matter how hot it gets, absolutely no Speedos. We don't want to scare/scar the grapes. Not to mention the other visitors.

Best bets for your cellar:
Three words: Big. Juicy. Reds! The kinds of wines that go with a Fred Flintstone-sized steak or a vegan-esque spice-rubbed grilled Portobello mushroom with an herbed, balsamic reduction. Sorry. Where were we? Oh yes! Big, bigger, biggest reds. Think malbec, syrah, and cabernet (sauvignon and franc). This area is also home to a number of smaller, experimental newcomers to the Valley including carmenere, tannat, tempranillo, and zinfandel.