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Squeezed Vineyards

Born and raised in Oliver, BC, Christina, Nicole and Michael Ferreira grew up on an orchard that specialized in all soft fruits. Their parents also ran a packing house on the property, so the siblings spent their summers working in the orchard and the packing house. Coming from an agricultural family, the trio learned hard work ethics at early ages and quickly became excited to start on a new journey together. The siblings have been working in various areas of the wine industry for 19 years and they all share the same passion for wine and having fun making and selling it. With farming in their blood and wine in their hearts, starting a winery sounded like the perfect venture for the siblings to undertake. And so Squeezed was born …

Why Squeezed? We wanted to find a name that portrayed a fun atmosphere with a passion for winemaking. Quirky, fun, serious when needed, creative, outgoing and dedicated can describe the three of us and choosing a name like Squeezed helps to incorporate all of that!

Squeezed is a small, family run winery that caters to online consumer sales, as well as sales directly to VQA stores, LRS stores and Restaurants.

We look forward to welcoming you as we embark on this exciting journey of wine, celebration and fun!

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7229 Tucelnuit Dr, Oliver, BC, Canada V0H 1T0