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Summerhill Pyramid Winery

The Summerhill Pyramid is second only to the Great Pyramid of Egypt for alignment and precision. The Great Pyramid is built with technology we don't have today. It is a solid stone structure with the stones fused together so perfectly that you can't put paper between them. The stones are so large that we do not have the equipment to move them, much less cut and place them as the ancient civilization that built the Great Pyramid did thousands of years ago. It remains the largest man made structure on the planet and it is built to absolute sacred geometry, both pi and phi, and aligned to absolute True North and has no ferrous metals in it so that it does not re-orient to magnetic north.

The message is profound. We have a twenty year experiment proving the effect of sacred geometry on liquids with a twenty year track record of international gold medals. My goal from the beginning was and is to make the finest wine in the world, especially sparkling wines. The French tradition of putting sparkling wines in a dark cool place for thirty days for the cuvee and dosage to ‘marry’ was my original inspiration to achieve this goal. The wines are made using only minimal intervention winemaking, and grown 100% organically in this extraordinary pristine semi desert valley, and the clarification in this True Pyramid is the final step in production. These are alive wines full of nature’s grandness, made in the most unique winery in the world.

I welcome you with my heart, to open your heart to this unique experience."

-Stephen Cipes, founder/proprietor

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Wine Shop Open 7 days a week, year round. Tastings: 9 am to 7 pm - May 19 to October 7 10 am to 6 pm - October 8 to May 18 Family friendly. Children are welcome in our Tasting Room.

4870 Chute Lake Road, Kelowna BC, V1W 4M3