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Tangled Vines Estate Winery

Tangled Vines Estate Winery is one of the newest wineries to make its mark on the Okanagan wine scene. Their story starts some fifteen years ago when connections were made working in the Vancouver restaurant industry. Many years and one catalytic wine experience in the Okanagan Valley later; this young, entrepreneurial group of friends bought an OK Falls vineyard and established Tangled Vines Estate Winery in the fall of 2005.

Located on the Corkscrew Drive in the OK Falls region across the street from Wild Goose and Stag’s Hollow and just down the road from Noble Ridge; Tangled Vines Estate Winery’s contemporary tasting room, fun atmosphere and quality wines provide another refreshing destination winery in a terroir rich region with a history of premium wine production.

“…made by three guys and a girl,” the ownership group are partners Craig McKenzie “makes the wine”, John Hill “sells the wine”, Maxine Hill “talks about the wine”, and brother Clark McKenzie. The branding of Tangled Vines is fun-spirited and full of double entendres, making every bottle of Tangled Vines an experience. This reflects the proprietor’s belief that wine is a lifestyle choice, a fun lifestyle choice.

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2140 Sun Valley Way, Okanagan Falls BC, V0H 1R2