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The Wineries of The

Vancouver Island

Planes, trains and automobiles:
Although it's called "Vancouver Island" it's biggest cities are Victoria and Nanaimo. The 100-ish kilometers between the two are home to a growing contingent of boutique wineries. Trust us: This is not the place for a "checklist tour." (You know, where you try to check off 35 wineries in 3 days.) But it definitely is the place to take your time, stay at romantic bed & breakfasts, and replenish your romance reservoir. Ahhhhhh...

What to wear:
Warm sunny days. Cool nights. Ocean breezes. One word: Cashmere! If you want to venture off the wine-soaked path, consider a detour to the west coast of the Island between the unforgettable towns of Tofino and Ucluelet. Yes, you may need a sou'wester and some hip waders. But it's worth it! Especially if you bring along a friend for cuddling with, to witness together one of the area's epic storms.

Best bets for your cellar:
There's lots of experimenting going on here, not just with grape varietals but with growing and ripening methods, too. So, don't be shy about tasting wines from grapes you might not know on a first-name basis. Bottom line: Most of these wineries are very small. So when you find something you love, snap it up, as it may be your one and only chance!