Discover BC Wineries - one bottle at a time!

BC really does have an abundance of natural resources: Majestic mountains, rugged coastlines, painted deserts, and world class wines. Truly, it is the diversity of the land that has given us five so deliciously distinct wine growing regions. Join us as we explore BC, one wine at a time!


The Okanagan Valley is our oldest and largest grape-growing region. Wines produced here range from crisp whites to powerhouse reds. From flavourful, fruit-based wines to elixir-like ice wines. In other words, something for every pallet. And the wineries themselves are just as diverse. From tiny "garage door" Mom 'n Pops to some of the industry's ultimate behemoths. It's a unique place where you can swirl, sniff, and sip in a world-class restaurant overlooking the vineyards or on a blanket at the edge of the lake.
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In the late 1800s, people came to this historic little valley looking for gold. In fact, more gold was mined here than in the Klondike! These days, most folks come for liquid gold. Steep, rugged slopes (home to wild mountain goats and sheep) hug a fertile, meandering valley floor. This sets up ideal growing conditions for a variety of varietals including merlot and chardonnay. And thanks to the craggy mountains and their ability to soak up the sun and radiate it back to the land, even the heat-seekers like cabernet sauvignon and cabernet franc are well represented.
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As the mighty Fraser River weaves its way to the Pacific, it leaves behind a lush, agricultural cornucopia of riches including a growing number of wonderful wineries. Here, you'll find pinot noir cozying up to gewürztraminer and an eclectic assortment of fruit and berry wines. The Valley's mostly flat terrain is punctuated with the odd rolling hill making it the perfect place to pack a picnic, take the top off (of the car!), and while away a memorable day.
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Saltspring, Saturna, Pender, Hornby, and Quadra Islands are set like precious stones in a flotilla of more than 100 idyllic islands in the Georgia Straight between the mainland and Vancouver Island. And while they are relatively new to BC's winescape, they're already making a fortified splash with visitors and locals alike. The grapes here are grown "island style," with respect for sustainability of the land and the community. Bring a bike, a tent (or better yet, a B&B reservation) and get set for some serious island hopping.
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Vancouver Island is BC's second largest wine region with more than 1,000 acres of vines and dozens of wineries tucked into the incredibly scenic landscape. Here, no two wineries are alike. Each has its own "Je ne sais quoi!" Factor in the mildest climate in Canada, and you're off to an all-season playground featuring unique wines, wineries, and winemakers!
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